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Scrum is a simple but at the same time an efficient agile management tool. Management of agile project is as different from management of traditional project as agile processes are different from traditional methods. The agile project manager or coach is called a Scrum Master.
The purpose of a course in Scrum Master Certification is to certify participants as Scrum Masters. Participants will learn how to coach and lead a development team, project or an agile organization. Exercises, case studies and examples are used to understand how to become a successful Scrum Master.
Course participants are trained in:
·         Breaking down barriers between development and customer
·         To teach the customer how to maximize ROI and achieve their objectives through Scrum
·         To improve development team working
·         To improve development team productivity
·         To improve development methods, tools and functionality
Scrum Master Certification
After the course, participants will receive an email from Scrum Alliance that includes information about username / password. By registering with Scrum Alliance, the participant may complete an online multiple choice test, which must be passed to obtain certification. Once the participant has passed the test, one can generate the license and will subsequently be registered as a Certified Scrum Master.
As a certified Scrum Master, you are authorized to participate in the development of the Scrum methodology. There are currently more than 50,000 certified Scrum Masters worldwide.
Audience and assumptions
The starting point for participating in Scrum certification is understanding of the basics of project management and a desire to know more about how Scrum works and implemented in an organization.
Participants can be project managers, administrative managers, developers, etc. It can be anyone who has experience with projects designed to develop or enhance services or products.
If you disregard the title as a Certified Scrum Master or the opportunity to take a course for a Scrum Master Certification you are missing a good thing. The course is just not enough - there must be practical experience and is probably something you should learn most about. Overall, it’s an interesting position you earn for being a Scrum Master.